In the Rough

Read a friend’s thoughts on her work with environmental conservation and care of orphaned rhinos in South Africa!


The past few days have been pretty intense. I’ve been feeling a lot of things, sometimes feeling my way through the dark. First with the film classes: Marius Van Straaten has been teaching us his tricks, possibly all the tricks in the book, so we can get the best footage and the best shots to tell the story of the plight of critically endangered species in South Africa.

The first full day I was very frustrated, mostly because my camera is just not as good as everyone else’s (and I have very little photography experience besides), but also because the controls are slightly different than the others’. By that, I mean that the shutter speed of my lens is measured in fractions, as opposed to hertz or degrees. Once we figured that out though, I made progress fairly quickly. And there is no surprise there, considering the stellar level of…

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